The Productive Pastor

Three Big Mistakes

I want to have a conversation today about the way we handle our schedule and how it has the ability to move us forward or keep us sitting still.

First, we have a few prerequisites. These are three episodes of Productive Pastor I think can help make this conversation better.

The First Mistake: Not Knowing What You Are Doing Today.
This is something all of us can learn from. It is super easy in ministry to just take care of things day by day, living in reaction mode. Understanding what the most important task of the day helps us manage, lead, and ultimately provide better care for people.

The Second Mistake: Not Knowing What You Are Doing Tomorrow.
How do you end your days? I've worked recently on having a solid end of day routine. It helps me so much starting fresh the next day. It gives a completely different atmosphere, to begin with. Remember, this is all part of a larger picture of goals.

The Third Mistake: Not Evaluating What You Did Yesterday.
I remember the first time I heard about an after action report in the military. I thought it was absolutely genius. Evaluation is a key component in managing a forward-focused calendar.

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