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Welcome back to Productive Pastor. In this episode, I talk with JR Forasteros about content creation and content curation. JR is no stranger to the podcast, so it's awesome to have him back on and I talk with him about one of my favorite topics. 

The Pastor as Content Creator and Curator

  • Did you ever have a time in ministry when you weren't creating content?
  • Have you ever been scared for a church to read your content?
  • What content JR is creating
  • Pastors are consistently creating content and that makes you a better content creator.
  • Pastors are creating MASSIVE content each week, and have access to one of the best audiences in the world. 
  • Content is an inevitable by-product of a sermon. 
  • The skill we have not figured out how to develop is what it means for ministry leaders to be curators and truth show-ers.
  • People want someone who can give them trustworthy information. 
  • Fake news.
  • What it looks like for churches to see their pastors as content creators.
  • How we talk about things that don't lend themselves to sermons. 
  • What are the ways you need to communicate things that don't make sense in a sermon?
  • We've got to stretch out the energy it takes for us to write sermons. 


Resources Mentioned
How I wrote a book with JR Forasteros | Productive Pastor 88

3 Reasons Pastors Should Be Curators of Content 

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