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When was the last time you admitted you made a mistake?

Face it, we all make mistakes. There are two different kinds of mistakes. The first are the mistakes we make when we don't have the knowledge and/or ability to execute a task. The second type of mistake are the ones we willingly make because we don't have the margin or resources to go for the win.

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The Mistakes We All Make

Willful mistakes are all about us gambling about what we are willing to sacrifice. Here are the three mistakes I've been super intentional about in my life lately.

  1. We sacrifice our ability to tell the truth.
    This is all about when we simply don't have the time or margin to do everything we tell people we will do. It undermines our character and we get a reputation as someone who doesn't do what they say. I'm becoming hyper aware of this and what I need to do about it.
  2. We sacrifice our best.
    We end up spending an inordinate amount of time on what we are worst at.
  3. We sacrifice our boundaries.
    This is becoming one of the most important things to me. But to understand our boundaries, we need to realize we first need to work on our own self-boundaries. Build into yourself the practices you need the most.

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