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Over the last week, folks all over the country have had their eyes on the Texas and Louisiana coast as Hurricane Harvey made landfall. In the last year, I've lived through a 500 year flood and been part of two other disasters. Living through a disaster in tough. Leading through a disaster seems impossible. So I sit down with my friend Rev. Donnie Wilkinson, one of the pastors at Broadmoor United Methodist in Baton Rouge, La. Donnie prayed for me while I was pastoring during a disaster. Little did I know, in just a few months, Donnie would be leading recovery efforts while his church was affected by the flooding in Baton Rouge of 2016.

Pastoring During a Disaster

This is bigger than you can handle. Trust us. During this season, you will need to do a leadership and church triage. Afterwards, you need to take a break and long term sabbath.

Stresses During a Disaster

  • It's tough to see your people hurting.
  • We find financial and giving stress.
  • Disaster takes a toil on our bodies and they show the stress
  • We have to begin asking ourselves the questions "What's the best use of my time?"

Self-care During a Disaster

  • Have a bedtime.
  • Don't neglect prayer and scripture
  • Your productivity will be the product of your prayer life.

Leadership During a Disaster

  • There are more resources at your church than you know.
  • Your job is to identify and release people for their best purpose.
  • Have a process to dialogue and allow others to make decisions

Leveraging Influence During a Disaster

  • No one knew when this was happening? We weren't in the news cycle.
  • Have can you tell great stories?
  • What does it mean to connect people to places of impact?


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