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Welcome to the 96th episode of Productive Pastor. We've got a fantastic episode with Karl Vaters for you! He's the author of Small Church Essentials and The Grasshopper Myth. He's also the teaching pastor at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship. 

In this episode we talk about: 

  • The church industrial complex and the problem with grow, grow, grow.
  • How your churches denomination and culture play into the idea of growth.
  • Big churches require a different type of funding and membership. 
  • It's about gifting, not skill. Or better or worse skills. Just a different type of personality. 
  • Extroverts and Introverts in ministry, and how that plays out in ministry. 
  •  The longer the church has been around, the more challenging it will be for defining pastoral expectations. 
  •  APEST and the job of the pastor. 
  •  The tension of defining large vs. small in different church traditions. 
  • The role of tenure in the small church. 
  • Vision casting in the small church.  

Connect with Karl 

New Small Church (blog)
Small Church Essentials*
The Grasshopper Myth*

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