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Have you checked out the awesome rewards for patrons on the patreon page?


You can grab it at


Every new Patron gets their name read on the show as a supporter.

$1 gives you access to the patron only feed on the Patreon feed. I upload a couple of exclusive videos a month to this feed. I’ll also turn random pieces of content loose early on this feed.

$5 a month has two awesome perks. The first is a member exclusive shorter podcast episode with the behind the scenes information about the latest episode. This might have goofs, my own thoughts about why I felt the content was needed, or just some more information about part of the episode that didn’t make the main episode. The second perk is an early release of any interview episode. I typically get 2-3 unique episodes out of every interview, and they can be spaced months apart. I upload the entire episode as soon as it is recorded.

$10 a month gives you everything mentioned previously PLUS exclusive access to a monthly Google Hangout I am going to start doing. This will be a 1-hour roundtable conversation. I’m going to come into it with a few talking points, but this is about a real live discussion with other high-focused members of the productive pastor community. The video will be released to all patrons afterward, but the only way you can get in on the conversation is to be a $10 monthly supporter. 


Come be part of the sponsor team!

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